Photo CRX2 vue de 3/4

1.CRX2-RTR – 1/10 CRX2
RTR Version
Radio-controlled / Electric

New Releases

  • New chassis with adjustable wheelbase
  • New anti-torque twist transmission box
  • New WOLF SHOCKS aluminum shocks (droop and semi-droop)
  • New “realistic” treated steel center driveshafts
  • New front and rear axles
  • New front hubs with 0° Ackerman angle
  • New hub carriers with PANHARD support
  • New front and rear suspension links
  • New multi-position battery mount
  • New shock absorber mounts
  • New CMS plate (chassis servo mounting)
  • New central stiffening bars




Adjustable Wheelbase

With its adjustable wheelbase, it’s possible to fit a wide range of bodies on the CRX2

Multi-Position Battery Support

It is possible to choose different positions for the battery according to desired performance. The system also allows the use of different battery formats.


The new hubs and CVD driveshafts allow for 0° Ackermann. During turns, the wheels remain parallel, improving steering angle.

Anti Torque Twist System

To prevent the torque twist effect (wheel lifting during acceleration), the new transmission allows the central driveshafts to rotate in the opposite direction. The CRX2 can maneuver with much more stability and efficiency.


This tire, designed and manufactured by Hobbytech, ensures perfect traction for your scale model. It is very popular among users! Compatible with the TRX4, it comes with internal foam and fits on 1.9-inch rims.


Diameter: 106 mm

Width: 36 mm

Shock absorbers Type Wolf complete 90mm

Adjustment of “Wolf” shocks for the CRX2:

Recommended setup = semi-droop: small soft spring at the bottom and medium-sized soft spring at the top.

Scale realism setup = droop adjustment: medium-sized soft spring at the bottom and small soft spring at the top.

Lubrication = fill part of the body with very fluid silicone oil (100 cps for example).