usinage francais modelisme hobbytech

Hobbytech brand vehicles are imagined and designed in France by our team.

Since few months, the brand has decided to relocate a part of its production in France to its facility, in Toulouse.

This investment in production machines allows the brand to gain autonomy. Our CNC machining center is dedicated to the manufacture of “options” for our vehicles as well as parts dedicated to racing (Spirit NXTE RR21, NXTEP GT21, etc.)

The aluminum, exclusively from Europe, is cut and then machined in our facility in Toulouse. The parts then are post-treated (anodizing, bending, etc.) at our local subcontractors. Finally, the parts are laser engraved, packaged and labeled by us.

These “Made in France” products are easily recognizable thanks to our packaging, which is also produced locally.

For each parts designed and manufactured, we take care to combine resistance, efficiency and aesthetics. To meet the requirements of our products, quality controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process.

The different stages of our production

Material supply

Origin Europe

Cutting the material

Using a band saw

Preparation for machining

Material control

Machining of parts

Protection of Spirit NXTE RR21 shock absorber supports in “panoply”

Tribofinishing of parts

Deburring and smoothing part surfaces

Folding parts

Some fabrications require folding of one or more sides

Laser engraving

This step allows the customization of the manufactured parts

Quality Control

Last step before bagging

hobbytech modelisme voiture france