HT-501370 Universal 1 / 18 body clips (10pcs)
HT-501390 Universal 1/8 body clips (10pcs)
HT-501601 New high down force 1/8 Off Road wing BLACK + stickers
HT-510007G Spirit steering aluminium servo horn with universal adaptor
HT-520001Y Yellow antenna pipe with cap (10pcs)
HT-530015 High speed bearings 8x16x5 ABEC5 x10pcs
HT-530020 High speed bearings 6x10x3 ABEC5 x1pcs
HT-585005 Front Shock Shaft 60mm
HT-585008 Shocks Rebuilt Kit
HT-585014 Shock cap bushing
HT-595009 Big Bore Shocks Bladders (4)
HT-595010 Shaft ball end, spring mount
HT-595015 Shock ball end post (long)
KN-LIPO.STRAP-280 280 mm Lipo Strape BLACK color (2 pieces)
STR-021 Servo Saver Shaft
STR-024 Servo Saver Spring
STR-029 6 mm Ball End
STR-031 Front Bumper
STR-032 F / R Body Mount
STR-037 F / R Lower Arm Insert
STR-044 Suspension Clip Spacer
STR-048 Pin 3.0x16.8
STR-052 7 mm Ball End
STR-053 Sway Bar Mount Ball end
STR-056 Wing Stay Set
STR-059 Stabilizer Ball
STR-060 Rear Ball End 7mm
STR-061 Rear Upper Arm link
STR-062 Rear Upper Susp Turnbuckle
STR-063 Rear lower Susp hinge pin
STR-071 Red differential O-Ring
STR-073 Diff Washer 3.6x12x0.1mm
STR-074 Diff Washer 6x12x0.2mm
STR-075 Differential Pin
STR-076 Diff. Bevel Gear Shaft
STR-077 Diff Bevel gear
STR-078 Diff Bevel gear 20T
STR-079 Differential Gaskets
STR-086 Servo Ball End
STR-088 Ball end
STR-098 L / R Rear Hub
STRS-028 4mm steering ball end
STRS-029 New safe 7mm ball end for steering and rear upper arm
STRS-070 Lightweight front and rear diff cups longer in special steel material
STRS-102A Uprade F / R Arm Hinge Pin 75mm
STRS-112 46T. Spur gear CNC machined hard treatment
STRS-117 13T. Spiral pinion gear CNC machined hard treatment
STRS-118 43T. + 13T. set Spiral gear CNC machined hard treatment
STRS-126 Lightweight hard treatment center diff cups
STRX-007 Steering Plate
STRX-008 Side Guard
STRX-011 Antena pipe screw
STRX-012 Chassis Brace Set
STRX-013 Radio plate Mount
STRX-014 Radio box locked screw
STRX-015 Spirit/X2/STR8 Rally Cross Radio Box
STRX-022 Servo Saver Arm
STRX-026 Steering plate fittings set
STRX-030 Spirit RR17 / RR20 Gear Case+antiroll bar holder
STRX-043 Front Upper susp Hinge Pin
STRX-055 Rear Brace Holder
STRX-088 Ball end
STRX-109 M3 Orange Countersunk Washer
STRX-117 Wing Stay Spacer in aluminium
STRX-130 Front Sway Bar 2.5 mm
STRX-135 Rear Sway Bar 2.8 mm
STRX-144 AL 7075 T6 Hardcoated Rear FLEX brace set
STRX-155 Steering turnbuckle 4x58mm
STRX-214 Spirit RR20 brushless carbon fiber servo plate
STRX-217 Spirit RR20 brushless carbon fiber ESC plate
HT-599102 Spirit RR20 shocks lower cover (x4)
HT-599103 15 mm Spirit RR20 Front Shocks Bodies (x2)
HT-599104 15 mm Spirit RR20 Rear Shocks Bodies (x2)
HT-599105 15mm Spirit RR20 Shocks Cap (x2)
HT-599106 Spirit RR20 shocks nuts adjuster (x4)
HT-599108 Spirit RR20 Shocks Rebuilt Kit
HT-599121 Shock Piston 15mm 6x1.5 (x4)
HTR-598301 Front racing 15mm shocks set
HTR-598302 Rear racing 15mm shocks set
HTR-598303 Big Bore F/R shocks springs Black
STRS-128 Spirit optional front/rear universal joint (x2)
STRS-130 Hard treatment center drive joint (for dog bones)
STRS-131 Hard treatment rear diff cup (x2)
STRX-212 Spirit RR20 battery plate
STRX-218 Spirit RR20 brushless Center Diff Mount
STRX-004-FR Spirit Front plate in alu. OAS ( made in France)
CA-294 1/8 clear buggy RR21 body in 1mm Lexan® hard version
STRX-211-FR STRX-316 Front shock tower holder in alu. OAS (made in France)
STRX-210-FR STRX-315 Front shock tower holder in alu. OAS (made in France)
STRX-213-FR Spirit RR21 brushless 4 mm main chassis in alu. OAD (made in France)
STRX-121-FR RR20 / 21 Front toe in plate in alu. OAS ( made in France)
STRX-120-FR Front suspension arm holder made in France)
STRX-127-FR A Rear toe in plate plate
STRX-122-FR A Rear Anti squat plate
STRS-129 Spirit optional center front/rear universal joint (x2)