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The bashing machine! A 6S incredible speed platform featured Konect 150Amp waterproof esc combined with a 2000kv brushless motor give an amazing power to the beast. It uses a single battery cases and consequently results a perfect weight balance.

For a comfortable maintenance, the motor assembly allows an easy changing of gears and disassembly radio tray. Like many competition cars of our brand, the Spirit NXT EP is equipped with big bore shocks and the new Pitbull body. Pleasure, facility and performance are here!
New pivot ball front suspension design and ultra-tough composite components, the SPIRIT NXT will attack any terrain, in any condition, included new rear mud guards and lower suspension arms.

Unlished the beast!


Height : 220 mm
Wheelbase : 328 mm
Front width : 306 mm
Rear width : 308 mm
Front ride height : 53 mm
Rear ride height : 64 mm
Weight : 3210 gr

Transmitter Konect 2.4Ghz KN-KT2S-PLUS/SET

CH1 and CH2 reverse servo
CH1 (steering) ATV (dual rate) setting potentiometer
CH1 and CH2 Trim setting potentiometer
Electronic EPA (End Point Adjustment) setting for CH1 and CH2
Weight : 300g

Receiver KT2S + 2 channels
Dimensions : 38×23.5x14mm
Weight : 8g

Brushless Konect ESC 150A Waterproof KN-8BL150-WP

Specific 1/8th cars and Monster Brushless ESC
Sensorless brushless motors capable
Continue current : 150 Amp
Burst current : 950 Amp
Resistance : 0.0035Ω
Max motor limit : 3000Kv (4S) and 2400Kv (6S)
NiMh input : 9 to 18 cells
LiPo input : 3 to 6 cells (max 14.8V)
BEC : 6v /3A
Dimensions : 59.5x48x42mm
Weight : 178g
Over-heat protection
Programmable with Program Card (not included)
DEAN plug

Brushless 1/8th Motor Konect KN-4274SL-4P-2000 2000 Kv

21.6V Ni-MH and 2-6S Li-Po capable
Dimensions : Φ=42mm – L=74mm
Shaft : Φ=5mm – L=18.5mm
Resistance : 0,0060 Ω
Poles: 4
Amp : 4.5A
Weight: 412 g

Steering Servo Konect KN-1714

Case: plastic
Dimensions: 40.7×20.5×39.5mm
Weight: 62g
Torque (6.0V): 17kg-cm/ Speed (6.0V): :0.14s
Gears: metallic

Inside the box:

• 1/8th SPIRIT NXT EP buggy with stickered body
• KT2S+ radio system
• Instruction manual

Not included :

LR6 (AA) batteries (4 pcs)
4S 14.8V to 6S 22.2V LiPo Battery
Battery matching charger
R/C specifics tools