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The EPX2 buggy is a winning combination. Its features are just incredible compare to the other cars on the market. With correctly balanced and optimized weight distribution, this car is available fully RTR. You just have the better electronic components! And the great news is that this car is fully ready to run including even racing quality hard cases LiPo battery and LiPo fast charger for a very affordable price.

A multiple combination of Lipo battery’s can be used on this car : 2x 2S or 1x 3S or 1x 4S are acceptable. The power delivered by the Konect 4 poles 2200kv is just impressive and combined with the 100Amp ultra resistant waterproof esc, you can bash your car in every weather condition !

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Height : 200 mm
Wheelbase : 322 – 327 mm
Front width : 308 mm
Rear width : 309 mm
Front ride height : 45 mm
Rear ride height : 50 mm
Weight : 3595 gr

Transmitter Konect 2.4Ghz KN-KT2S-PLUS/SET

CH1 and CH2 reverse servo
CH1 (steering) ATV (dual rate) setting potentiometer
CH1 and CH2 Trim setting potentiometer
Electronic EPA (End Point Adjustment) setting for CH1 and CH2
Weight : 300g

Receiver KT2S + 2 channels
Dimensions : 38×23.5x14mm
Weight : 8g

Brushless Konect ESC 100A Waterproof KN-8BL100-WP

Specific 1/8th cars Brushless ESC
Sensorless brushless motors capable
Continue current : 100 Amp
Burst current : 650 Amp
Resistance : 0.0005Ω
Max motor limit : 4000Kv (3S) and 2600Kv (4S)
NiMh input : 6 to 12 cells
LiPo input : 2 to 4 cells (max 14.8V)
BEC : 6v /3A
Dimensions : 59.5x48x42mm
Weight : 173g
Over-heat protection
Programmable with Program Card (not included)
DEAN plug

Brushless 1/8th Motor Konect KN-4274SL-4P-2200 2200 Kv

21.6V Ni-MH and 2-6S Li-Po capable
Dimensions : Φ=42mm – L=74mm
Shaft : Φ=5mm – L=18.5mm
Resistance : 0,0059 Ω
Poles: 4
Amp : 5A
Weight: 400 g

Steering Servo Konect KN-1714

Case: plastic
Dimensions: 40.7×20.5×39.5mm
Weight: 62g
Torque (6.0V): 17kg-cm/ Speed (6.0V): :0.14s
Gears: metallic

Inside the box:

• 1/8th EPX2 buggy with stickered body
• KT2S+ radio system
• Instruction manual

Not included :

LR6 (AA) batteries (4 pcs)
3S 11.1V or 4S 14.8V LiPo Battery
Battery matching charger
R/C specifics tools

<iframe width="1920" height="1080" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gAYmeizlhWA?ecver=1&autoplay=1&mute=1&loop=1&playlist=gAYmeizlhWA" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>