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This is a 1/10 Electric powered 4WD Off road Ready to run buggy . This package is the perfect partner for your first shot at EP off-road racing. The car is fully adjustable and offers a very good handling. Loaded with high-power 550 size brushed motor and compact waterproof speed controler, big bore shocks, front and rear differentials gears and CVD front shaft. Just charge, plug it and play with it !


Height  : 148 mm
Wheelbase : 278 mm
Front width : 248 mm
Rear width : 248 mm
Front ride height : 48 mm
Rear ride height  48 mm
Weight : 1510 gr

Transmitter Konect 2.4Ghz KN-KT2S-PLUS/SET

CH1 and CH2 reverse servo
CH1 (steering) ATV (dual rate) setting potentiometer
CH1 and CH2 Trim setting potentiometer
Electronic EPA (End Point Adjustment) setting for CH1 and CH2
Weight : 300g

Receiver KT2S + 2 channels
Dimensions : 38×23.5x14mm
Weight : 8g

Brushed ESC Konect KN-BRUSH40

Specific 1/10 cars ESC
540 or 550 Max 12T brushed motor capable
Continue current : 40 Amp
Burst current : 180 Amp
Resistance : 0.0002 Ω
Max motor limit : 12T (2S) or 18T (3S)
NiMh input : 5 to 9 cells
LiPo input : 2 or 3 cells (max 11.1V)
BEC : 5v/2 Amp
Dimensions : 46.5x34x28.5mm
Weight : 65g
Tamiya plug

Brushed Motor Konect KN-M550-20T

8.4V Ni-MH and 2S Li-Po capable
Dimension : Φ=37.2mm – L=57mm
Shaft : Φ=3.175mm – L=15mm
Weight: 220 g

Steering Servo Konect KN-0420

Case: plastic
Dimensions: 40.7×20.5×39.5mm
Weight: 45g
Torque (6.0V): 4kg-cm/ Speed (6.0V): :0.20s
Gears: plastic

Inside the box :

• 1/10th Revolt BX10 V4 Buggy RTR version with stickered body
• KT2S+ radio system
• 220V AC 500 mAh charger
• 7.4V 1700mAh Li-ion battery
• Instruction manual

Not included :

LR6 (AA) batteries (4 pcs)
R/C specifics tools