The top of brushless car between your hands, the Spirit EP. The car is super light and have less wires compare to others 1/8 solution due to the using of a single battery cases and result a perfect weight balance, battery position adjustable in the front of the rear of case. For a comfortable maintenance, the motor assembly allows an easy changement of gears and disassembly radio tray. Like many competition cars of our brand, the Spirit EP is equiped with big bore shocks and the new Pitbull body. Pleasure, facility and performance are there!
New pivot ball front suspension design and ultra-tough composite components, the SPIRIT NXT will attack any terrain, in any conditions, included new rear mud guards and lower suspension arms.

Discover the beast!








  • Trims (Steering and throttle)
  • Servos reversing (Steering and throttle)
  • ATV (Adjustable Travel Volume) Adjustable Steering rate by ATV dial
  • EPA Steering and Throttle (End Point Adjusment)
  • Analogic & Digital servo frame rate setup
  • Fail-Safe (Throttle)
  • Built-in antenna
  • Protective cover
  • Low-battery warning



Body graphic made and developped by BITTYDESIGN Company







  • Height / Hauteur maxi. : 220
  • Wheelbase / Empattement : 328
  • Front width / Voie (avant) : 306
  • Rear width / Voie (arrière) : 308
  • Front ride height / Garde au sol avant : 53
  • Rear ride height / Garde au sol arrière : 64
  • Weight / Poids total : 3210
  • New front cab body style!
  • New front and rear suspension geometry
  • 2.4GHz Radio system
  • Steering and throttle / brake servo, metal gears
  • Metal spur gear 46t
  • Bevel gears front / rear, steel 13/43t
  • CVD Driveshafts front
  • Fully assembled with turnbuckles and ball bearings (24 pcs)
  • «Rocket» pre-mounted tyres on multi-spokes rims
  • Fully aluminium strong shock absorbers
  • Pre-printed body «by BittyDesign»
  • Reference Guide

    SPIRIT NXT EP - Reference Guide
  • Exploded View

    NXT EP - Exploded View
  • Instruction Manual

    NXT EP - Instruction manual