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The NXT GP is our “racing signature” 1/8 off road platform. The components of this car are the most reliable to run on races.

Enjoy racing with the Alpha 21 pullstarter engine delivered with a polished racing in-line pipe system and a 3-point carbon clutch system. Super smooth 16mm fully aluminum racing shocks with threaded body. New pivot ball steering system for easier caster angle setting, easy handling and better control on the tracks. New reinforced rear lower arms featured new rear mud guards.

Including the incredible torque 17kg steering servo and 7kg servo on gas /brake.

It even includes the receiver 6V. 1400mah battery packs.


Height : 220 mm
Wheelbase : 329 mm
Front width : 306 mm
Rear width  : 308 mm
Front ride height : 53 mm
Rear ride height : 64 mm
Weight : 3325 gr

Transmitter Konect 2.4Ghz KN-KT2S-PLUS/SET

CH1 and CH2 reverse servo
CH1 (steering) ATV (dual rate) setting potentiometer
CH1 and CH2 Trim setting potentiometer
Electronic EPA (End Point Adjustment) setting for CH1 and CH2
Weight : 300g

Receiver KT2S + 2 channels
Dimensions : 38×23.5x14mm
Weight : 8g

Engine 3.5cc (21 Class) Alpha Plus AFA-21-BN3PD-PS

Suitable car : Buggy 1/8th
Displacement : 3.45cc (21 Class)
Output Power : 2.1 Cv
Max Rotation : 33 000 rpm
Bore : 16.30 mm
Stroke : 16.80 mm
Ports : 3
Crankshaft : 14 mm
Carburator : 9mm
Glow plug type : Standard
Pull Starter : Yes
Weight : 419g

Steering Servo Konect KN-1714

Case: plastic
Dimensions: 40.7×20.5×39.5mm
Weight: 62g
Torque (6.0V): 07kg-cm/ Speed (6.0V): :0.18s
Gears: metallic

Throttle Servo Konect KN-0718

Case: plastic
Dimensions: 40.7×20.5×39.5mm
Weight: 62g
Torque (6.0V): 07kg-cm/ Speed (6.0V): :0.18s
Gears: metallic

Battery for receiver Konect 6V 1400mAh Ni-Mh Hump type KN-NI6.1400-PYR

Silicone wires with BEC and JR plugs
Dimensions: 51x33x32mm
Weight : 113g

Inside the box:

• 1/8th SPIRIT NXT GP RTR buggy with stickered body
• KT2S+ radio system
• Oiled air filter foam
• Battery 6V 1400mAh Ni-Mh Hump
• Instruction manual

Not included :

LR6 (AA) batteries (4 pcs)
NiMh 6V battery charger
Glow plug (3 to 5 number)
Glow starter with charger
R/C special Fuel (from 10 to 25% nitromethane)
R/C specifics tools