23rd of June 2018 07:10 AM Link
Danny's been busy playing with this 1/6 RC scale bike simulator. All powered by Konect..😎
13th of June 2018 08:15 AM Link
Danny's mixing up RC with static! powered by Konect, will it work??🤔
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3rd of June 2018 12:43 AM Link
Danny's scale simulator with Konect power!
29th of May 2018 09:43 PM Link
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5th of May 2018 08:02 AM Link
Danny's working on his DB8SL! 😎
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11th of April 2018 08:05 AM Link
Danny's latest experimental project is this machine powered by Konect.
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23rd of February 2018 07:06 AM Link
Danny's lawn mower's a cut above the rest.
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19th of February 2018 01:23 PM Link
BXR.S1 1/10 Buggy

Our new BXR-S1 is a totally new platform,
this chassis structure have been thinked and designed
to make it capable to compete at the pro level.

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18th of February 2018 08:24 AM Link
Danny's lawn mowing service..
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13th of February 2018 01:33 PM Link
New 1/10th Hobbytech Brushless Ready To Run buggy available NOW !!!!

Hobbytech Rc BXR.S1
Simply the best RTR brushless car in the market !
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5th of February 2018 12:07 PM Link
5th of February 2018 08:27 AM Link
Danny doing his PVC pipe thing again!..
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31st of January 2018 01:15 PM Link
31st of January 2018 12:08 PM Link
Teasing our new 1/10 buggy platform ! 💪

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9th of January 2018 02:34 PM Link
🇬🇧 Thank's to Eric Boumboum Dulta for his test on the DB8 SL !

If you want to have fun with it, go to our website :
🇫🇷 Merci à Eric Boumboum Dulta pour son test du DB8 SL !

Si vous voulais en profiter aussi, rendez-vous sur notre site internet :
2nd of January 2018 07:33 AM Link
Hobbytech RC wishes everyone a Happy New Year!!
Here's a little into Danny's latest pipe creation..TBC.
21st of December 2017 05:32 PM Link
D1/8 Desert Buggy Orange Type SL version RTR 🏎️

• Chargeur KONECT «LIPO220» 2/3S Li-Po
• Batterie Li-Po KONECT 3S1P 3600mAh 11.1V 1P 30C
• Contrôleur KONECT 80Amp SCT WP 2-3S Li-Po
• Nouveau moteur KONECT 2750Kv brushless taille 3660
• Système radio KONECT 2.4GhZ (Transmetteur KT2S+ avec récepteur)

Site imodel :
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• KONECT charger LIPO220 2/3S LiPo
• KONECT LiPo battery 3S1P 3600mAh 11.1V 30C
• KONECT 2759Kv new motor brushless size 3660
• New KONECT KT2S+ Tansmitter 2.4Ghz + Receiver

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20th of December 2017 06:49 AM Link
Meanwhile.. Danny is out of control!
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