9th of December 2016 07:18 AM Link
5th of December 2016 11:19 AM Link
30th of November 2016 01:58 PM Link
Vidéo de présentation de la marque française Hobbytech
Hobbytech Rc
12th of November 2016 01:43 PM Link
2nd of November 2016 04:26 PM Link
18th of October 2016 09:57 PM Link
12th of September 2016 09:53 PM Link
8th of September 2016 10:15 PM Link
New Hobbytech GT8 car : Spirit GT !!

1 :8 Hobbytech GT cars has known success for many years in GT class.
Now, the French brand purpose his new electric power platform with the front and rear Spirit NXT lower and upper arm system. After many tests, performances of 1/8 GT cars have increased with new NXT Front pivot ball system and rear stronger lower arm using, and so, precision and stability will be better.
The new GT car was born : the Spirit GT !!!
This Spirit GT version will be delivered without electronic system, however 2 pre paint GT Concept bodies are inclued in the box (the grey and the red ones), and more, 2 pairs of on-road racing tyres


Height: 180 mm
Wheelbase : 278 mm
Front Width: 328 mm
Rear Width: 330 mm
Front ride height 18 mm
Rear ride height : 20 mm


- Battery box for 3S, 4S and 6S batteries
- Special GT lowered front and rear chocks tower in aluminium
- Wholly ball bearing and adjustable tie-rod equiped
- Front drive shaft CVD style
- Special GT foam front bumper
- Special GT shocks in aluminium with hardly spring
- New front arm with ball end in order to increase settings
- New stronger rear lower arm for decrease deformation
- Delivered with whole sway bar kit
- Delivered with 2 GT Concept prepaint bodies (grey + red)
- Equiped with on-road racing tyres, grey wheels
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10th of June 2016 11:26 AM Link
Euro B Freixedas - new Hobbytech Spirit Nxt racing version. More infos soon !!
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24th of May 2016 09:25 AM Link
New Hobbytech website online !!!
22nd of April 2016 08:09 AM Link
New extra strong front and rear driveshaft for Spirit GP and EP racing cars
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21st of April 2016 10:28 AM Link
Guess what it is ??
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23rd of March 2016 09:57 AM Link
21st of March 2016 10:27 PM Link
Résultats de la manche de Rognac du challenge GT8 Sud Est
Podium Électrique
1/ Bouttaz Olivier
2/ Vendrevert Cedric
3/ Durand Alain

Podium Thermique
1/ Lantheaume Armand
2/ Bonnardel Loic
3/ Rizzi Christian

Merci à tous les participants de cette première saison dans le Sud Est
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21st of March 2016 09:35 PM Link
Finale du challenge GT8 Sud est à Rognac, toutes les photos et les résultats sur, merci Jean Pierre Jalbaud pour toutes ces infos !!
18th of March 2016 07:39 AM Link
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6th of March 2016 10:06 PM Link
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4th of March 2016 09:19 PM Link
7th of February 2016 02:08 PM
4ème manche du challenge Gt8 à Trelissac, merci aux personnes qui se sont déplacées et aux pilotes sur place pour les photos des résultats
Bonnes finales cette après-coup-midi !!
1st of February 2016 10:16 PM Link
New Hobbytech Revolt 3.0 available !!!!!
Begin R/C, drive a Revolt BX10 3.0! This is an 1/10 Electric Powered 4WD Off Road Ready To Run buggy. Get your hands on a dominant machine, at an affordable price! This package makes the perfect partner for your first shot at EP off-road racing. The car is fully adjustable and offer a very good handling. Loaded with high-power user-friendly stock motor and compact high-power speed controller (pre-set), big bores shocks, front and rear differentials gears and CVD front shaft.
Just charge, plug in and play!

More infos
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